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We want to fundamentally change the IT ecosystem so that is works in favor of the Business Leaders and Engineers that support it.

The OEF was created to evolve Enterprise IT by building a community that educates, informs, and connects Business Leaders while teaching engineering leaders how to become partners with their business. We believe that IT must evolve to move more quickly and produce innovations like for the businesses they support. And to do this, the Business Leaders have to have confidence in new solutions, understand why they are needed, and understand how their IT teams can be innovation engines, not just the group that does email.

The current IT ecosystem is dominated by vendor based solutions that intentionally do not scale and cost too much. Similarly, the ecosystem that educates Business Leaders and engineers is dominated by the same vendors. This has created a situation where Business Leaders have no real place to learn from each other or learn new ways of doing things without vendors heavily weighing in.
Much like the Open Source revolution has allowed software engineers to control their own destiny and dramatically increase the pace at which they can work, the OEF is going to provide a group of volunteers, paid resources, and mentors to Business Leaders and engineers to create the same opportunity for this space.

The OEF will work to:

  • Provide education to Business Leaders and engineers that is proven in the field.

  • Maintain an agnostic position that works with Business Leaders and engineers to help them find the best solutions for their business.

  • Educate Business Leaders and engineers on how to communicate in a common languages that allows them to work together to grade the scalability of solutions, both technically and financially.

  • Help Business Leaders and engineers to communicate internally both the value and impact of their systems to the business.

This will be provided through:

  • Working Groups.

  • Mentorships for Business Leaders and Engineers.

  • Internships for Business Leaders and Engineers.

  • On Demand Communities via Slack or email.

  • Consultancy for engineering, deployment, operations, and analysis.

We believe that creating this platform we can dramatically increase the velocity at which Business Leaders and engineers can affect change for their businesses, while empowering IT to have more impact on the very solutions they use every day.


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